In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus we completed an early release of our delivery system due to the overwhelming number of people in need of Cannabis during their quarantine periods. Weed Shops Now hiring for Pickup Drivers Register Here.             The concern that lead to this major decision was the importance of placing safety first. Since cannabis Read More

New York public health officials have reported a similarity amongst many of the marijuana products making everyone sick: Vitamin E Acetate. Many people use vitamin e as a supplement or skin ointment, which is completely harmless. Using vitamin e in a vape, however, may be fatal.  On Thursday, the New York State Department of health Read More

University of Pittsburgh researchers developed a prototype marijuana breathalyzer that can measure the amount of THC — the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana — in a person’s breath. Courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh We all know about the alcohol breathalyzer, which took decades to be implemented successfully.  The debate over the appropriate legal limit Read More

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency shut down Iron Laboratory after it was discovered that they had conducted faulty testing for pesticide and mold in its cannabis products. Iron Labs failed to report these results to the state. This leaves the state with five licensed marijuana testing facilities, instead of six.  “Respondent lacks integrity, moral character Read More