6 Georgia Companies have been approved for their medical marijuana licenses

Original Article: https://www.ajc.com/politics/medical-marijuana-licenses-awarded-to-six-companies-in-georgia/F2REMGEXB5BPHKISOSXXUVTBVM/?outputType=amp

On Saturday, the Georgia board chose 6 companies to allow them to sell medical marijuana. After a long wait since the year 2015, 15,000 patients are finally able to buy and consume medical marijuana oil. In 2015, patients were authorized to use the oil, but not permitted to to buy it, making this decision from the board a great relief and an end to a long wait for many, especially for those who need the oil to treat terminal cancers, Parkinson’s disease and severe seizures ranging from adults to children. The companies are able to open up to 5 dispensaries. They can grow, sell and manufacture medical marijuana oil, but can not exceed 5% of THC. The companies have 1 year to begin operations after they have signed their contracts.

Niesse, M. (2021, July 24). Medical Marijuana Licenses awarded to six companies in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. https://www.ajc.com/politics/medical-marijuana-licenses-awarded-to-six-companies-in-georgia/F2REMGEXB5BPHKISOSXXUVTBVM/?outputType=amp

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