A Bipartisan effort between two Pennsylvania Lawmakers for marijuana Legalization

Original Article: https://www.pennlive.com/news/2021/10/legalizing-marijuana-two-pa-lawmakers-have-joined-forces-in-a-bipartisan-effort-to-get-it-done.html

Between opposite parties with different backgrounds, Senator Mike Regan, who is a Republican and Rep. Amen Brown, who is a democrat are teaming up and working together to legalize Marijuana in Pennsylvania. Their bill will argue that the benefits of marijuana being legalized will help generate money and wealth, also helping the police force to focus on bigger problems and crimes instead of small ones that involve marijuana.

Helping their community is also a big agenda with making this bill pass in Pennsylvania. Folks in the community aren’t able to move on in their lives and make something of it due to having been incarcerated for marijuana offenses or having a record of marijuana on their background, but if this bill passes, they are able to. This bill is about helping the community whether it be the people who reside in it or the police force who can better protect and serve the community, and also putting an avenue in place to have an opportunity to generate and make money and wealth.

Murphy, J. ( 2021, Oct. 5). Legalizing marijuana: Two Pa. lawmakers have joined forces in a bipartisan effort to get it done. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2021/10/legalizing-marijuana-two-pa-lawmakers-have-joined-forces-in-a-bipartisan-effort-to-get-it-done.html

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