Chris Ball, former athlete and CEO of Ball Family Farms, a 100 percent black-owned commercial cannabis facility recently collaborated with Viola, a nationally recognized cannabis brand owned by former athlete Al Harrington. The two moguls partnered up with a shared mission to shed light on social inequity within the cannabis space. It’s a well-known fact that many black Americans are disadvantaged in marijuana spaces due to the war on drugs. This power move means a lot to the black community, where often, the crabs in a barrel mentality holds us back from standing together and making real change within our communities.

BFF x Viola launched their new strain, Reign, “a gentle downpour of indica and sweet grape that’s serene, yet strong”. It’s an ultra-premium flower, but it’s limited edition so make sure to check out their website to find a location to purchase Reign.

BFF x Viola have pledged to donate $1 from each Reign sales, to Root & Rebound and raise awareness to social inequity and drive social justice efforts for communities of color throughout the country.

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