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The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency shut down Iron Laboratory after it was discovered that they had conducted faulty testing for pesticide and mold in its cannabis products. Iron Labs failed to report these results to the state. This leaves the state with five licensed marijuana testing facilities, instead of six. 

“Respondent lacks integrity, moral character and responsibility or means to operate or maintain a marijuana facility,” the state’s complaint reads.

Michigan state has determined that several medical marijuana products contain hazardous levels of pesticides and removed the products from the shelves, including edibles testing above the potency limit for THC. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency will recall four medical marijuana products as a result of Iron Labs’ investigation. 

Luckily, no adverse product reactions have been reported yet. Iron Labs was surprised by the disciplinary action and have applied for an application renewal despite this. This is the largest medical marijuana recall to date in Michigan. 

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