In February 2018, Weedmaps received a cease and desist letter from the Bureau of Cannabis Control. The letter stated that the company was breaking state laws by advertising unlicensed dispensaries on it’s platform. 

In response, Weedmaps evaded the orders by stating it is protected under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency act. Section 23o gives platforms like Facebook and YouTube a safety net from being held liable for third party, user posted content. The larger these platforms become, the harder it becomes to verify the legitimacy of every item of content, said Eric Goldman, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law. Hosting large volumes of content would be nearly impossible without Section 230. 

Despite their previous rebuttal, Weedmaps suddenly decided it will end that practice. This is highly beneficial to licensed owners, who’ve expressed their frustrations with Weedmaps unlicensed seller listings. 

Why the sudden change? 

Times did an analysis of listings on Weedmaps earlier this year.  There are at least 220 unlicensed dispensaries in Los Angeles advertising on Weedmaps website. Weedmaps hasn’t released an official statement as to why this is the best time for them to only support licensed dispensaries.

But at Weed Shops, we have an idea. On August 1st 2019 Weed Shops actively started the process of removing thousands of the unverified and non-registered dispensaries from our mobile app and website. This was done in the effort to assure that only licensed and verified Recreational dispensaries are available to Weed Shops app users. It seems like Weedmaps is worried by the competition. 

To become to a Verified Weed Shop on the Weed Shops App follow this link.

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