As founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Roz McCarthy has spoken to hundreds of state and federal lawmakers, C-suite executives, mom-and-pop operators as well as advocacy groups eager to help shape the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. Read the full article at

The grass could be greener on the other side of November after Smart & Safe Arizona, a citizens’ initiative to legalize cannabis for adult use in Arizona, said it filed 420,000 signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State on Wednesday. Read the full article on at

The COVID-19 pandemic has created panic across the United States. Quarantine, the closing of non-essential businesses, and mass consumption has left the shelves in grocery stores bare. It’s no surprise that the cannabis industry has also seen a spike in demand. Sales for legal marijuana is at an all time high. This has led to Read More

Image via Rohan Marley and Colorado-based dispensary Lightshade have officially applied to open a dispensary in Montclair, New Jersey, according to Cannabis was a major part of his late father Bob Marley’s spiritual practice in the Rastafarian faith. Rohan stated that his family in Jamaica has advocated for the medical benefits of marijuana.  Read More