By: Will Yakowicz | Source: Forbes

As you probably already heard, Jay-Z has launched his premium line of cannabis products called MONOGRAM.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s high-end cannabis brand, Monogram, launches its first products in California on Thursday with a four-strain line of craft, indoor-grown cannabis flower and joints.

The company’s flagship product is the “OG Handroll,” a 1.5-gram joint rolled by “highly trained artisans,” the company says, that use a technique Monogram developed over a year. The joint is made with small-batch flower and is supposed to burn like a premium cigar. And it retails for nearly twice as much at $50.

Monogram’s cannabis strains—named No. 88, No. 96, No. 70 and No. 01 and developed by veteran grower DeAndre “De” Watson —come in three strengths: “light,” “medium” and “heavy.”


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