In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus we completed an early release of our delivery system due to the overwhelming number of people in need of Cannabis during their quarantine periods. Weed Shops Now hiring for Pickup Drivers Register Here.            

The concern that lead to this major decision was the importance of placing safety first. Since cannabis is an essential service, we can’t afford to expose each other to the virus by visiting dispensaries and waiting in lines to shop. Weed Shops also provides and delivers COVID19 Protection Products to Weed Shops Users including (Face masks, Sanitizers, Quarantine Signs and Test Kits) starting Tuesday March 25th. Click here to view and order our COVID19 Protection Products.

To all Weed Shops (Dispensary) we are offering each dispensary the ability to have 5 products available for Pickup Drivers to deliver to your customers. Weed Shops will also waive the $500 fee to all Weed Shops that verify and register, as a thanks for providing their products to our users.

Weed Shops (Dispensaries) need to first verify their dispensary by calling into our offices 888.710.7750 or visiting Once verified you will receive your username and password to add your 5 products. It is very easy to add products, but we are happy to set it up for you.

Due to overwhelming demand we have ramp up our support staff for both dispensaries and drivers and we are standing by to assist you through this process.

Pickup Drivers: Many people are without jobs in the service industry and we invite you to register and Get approved in 24 hours and start earning while helping people who are in need of cannabis during this troubling time. We are Now Hiring for Pickup Drivers right now, Register Here

During these times of uncertainty, it was important that we completed this project ahead of schedule. We are releasing this platform to meet the needs of cannabis users across the nation.

Please Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Smart, Wash your hands and Stay Vigilant!

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Weed Shops Delivery System
Now Hiring Pickup Drivers

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