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Oasis Cannabis Dispensary- Las Vegas
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Verify the items you want by using the online ordering on Oasis Cannabis- Las Vegas. Once you have the price and amount of the items you want, then place your order through here.

Your driver will call you in less than 5 minutes after you place your order to verify the items you want from Oasis Cannabis Dispensary- Las Vegas. Please be as specific possible with and any special request. You can also text your list to the Driver after they call to verify your items.

Our Drivers will always be prompt, courteous and respectful and are here to serve you. If your happy with their service please be sure to TIP them well.

Only order during store hours and check for special COVID-19 hours and curbside pickup 5 minutes to your Call the Driver and confirm the details of your order.



Earn up to 3,000 Points.

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