The History of Weed Shops App

In 2004, was Registered. The domain was too expensive to to be acquired by several interested parties and it remained dormant for 14 years.

In 2008, a flood of marijuana websites like emerged as sole providers to Weed Shops who needed to drive new customers to their business. These map-based websites allowed Weed Shops to be found based on their current location and deals. Due to the competitiveness in new medical marijuana industry and with the limits on local advertising, these types of websites were now able to take advantage of businesses who knew the importance of being found before their competitors. With no true option, businesses found it essential to be listed and found themselves paying a very high premium for advertising. 

For more than eight years, businesses in the medical marijuana industry had limited ways to advertise or position their business to receive new customers and clients. Advertising firms and publications were faced with the challenge of taking on new dispensaries while risking their established relationships with businesses that may not approve of the marijuana industry. Immediately, the internet became the most viable option for advertising and getting customers to frequent these businesses.

In 2014, Colorado was the first to states to legalize Cannabis for adult use and opened the doors for recreational dispensaries. Dynamics LLC, entered the marijuana industry as a service provider to a sole dispensary brand in Denver.

In 2014, Dynamics LLC initiated its first marijuana acquisition with purchase of the highly sought-after domain and several other top domain names and it became the immediate intention of our development team to level the playing field for all dispensaries.

In 2016, Cannabis becomes an extremely relevant topic as new businesses emerge due to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. All four states and the district allowed adults over 21 years of age to purchase weed from licensed weed shops.

In 2017, Nevada legalized Marijuana for adult use. After a very successful MJ Business Expo in the Fall of 2016, Weed Shops App emerged into Las Vegas market right as its doors open for recreational dispensaries sales, simpler to Colorado in 2014. Weed Shops was featured in the Seed Lab (Special Section of the Expo for new business) at Industry leading MJ Marijuana Business Expo. Weed Shops gained the exposure of thousands of marijuana businesses and executives which exploded the popularity of the Weed Shops App.

In 2017, Weed Shops App participated in several local events in Las Vegas including High Times Cannabis Cup, Las Vegas Hempfest, and Culture & Cannabis.

In 2018, California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis. The Weed Shops App appeared at High Cannabis Cup and Emerald Cup San Bernardino, Los Angeles and San Jose, California. By this point, Weed Shops App has distributed over 10k WeedShops Hats, 25K WeedShops shirts, 50K Weed Shops Pins, Buttons and Wristbands since the MJ Business Expo in 2016.

In 2019, Dynamics LLC management makes the decision to remove all non-registered, unlicensed and non-verified listings for ALL dispensaries and delivery services from its website. This is done in the effort to assure that only licensed and verified recreational dispensaries are available to be found by Weed Shops App users.