Damian Marley’s Stony Hill by Tru Cannabis

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1269 Elati Street, Colorado, United States 80204

Located in denver, co area, damian marley's stony hill- by tru cannabis is a great little joint which provides its customers with an excellent selection of marijuana and cannabis products Check out their top shelf specials, fresh buds, wax, pre-roll and edibles, you wont be disappointed! Free samples are available for new customers as well as pre-rolls and shakes! Their full range includes all varieties and mixes of sativa, indica and kush and the most popular and spectacular hybrids. The friendliest bud tenders will help you make great decisions and explain different hybrids, mixes and new stock. Samples, daily specials and free hand outs are what make this place one of the coolest joints in town, plus a great atmosphere that will leave you feeling high. Remember to bring your ID and ask for their recommendations, and a pensioner discount if you qualify. It's definitely worth visiting damian marley's stony hill- by tru cannabis at 1630 n federal blvd, denver, co, 80204. Staff will be happy to guide you and don't forget to ask for free samples and goodies. A great dispensary for all your get high needs.

Phone: 303-993-4547

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